Art Supply Gift Guide: Under $100
#CarveDecember 2021: Days 1-8

Art Supply Gift Guide: Big Ticket Items

Today we're talking about art supplies with a big price tag -- over $100.  If you're looking to give the gift of art supplies, keep reading.  And if you're looking to receive art supplies, feel free to share this list with Santa.

H-Frame Easel - $169.99

This is the easel that I have.  I bought it more than a decade ago when I lived in a tiny NYC apartment.  I could fold it up flat when I wasn't using it and unfold it when I wanted to paint.  Perfect for a small space.  Now that I have a big painting wall, it currently sits on my studio balcony and I use it when I want to paint outside.  Here's a hint: If you want to paint on paper instead of canvas, pin or tape your paper to a piece of foam core.  The foam core sits in the easel perfectly!

ScanNCut DX - $398.99

It truly is a machine that I love and use.  I use it to make stencils, screens, stamps, and more.  It makes my arting life so much easier.  Because of the built-in scanner I can go from drawing to cut out design in a matter of minutes.  I am a paid spokesperson for the ScanNCut, but it's on this list because I genuinely love it, use it, and recommend it.  There are many different models of the ScanNCut. I think any of the DX  models are super easy to use because of the Auto Blade which detects the thickness of the material you're using and automatically sets itself to cut correctly.

Siser Heat Press - $598.00

I have a smaller version of this press.  If I were buying a press today, I'd go with the 15x15 size.  I use it for applying heat transfer vinyl and fusible web. That said, you should check out this video from Jane Dunnewold who uses the heat press for botanical printing:

Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine - $570.00

This is the newer version of the sewing machine that I have and use.  It has an easy to read computer screen.  It's fairly lightweight and portable.  It can take a beating.  I've put all kinds of paper and plastic through mine.  The embroidery functions are a great bonus and surprisingly easy to master.

If you want an experience instead of a thing, how about an online class?

Design Boot Camp - $600

The new session begins January 24, 2022 and I can't wait to dive in.  Here's a little bit about what you can expect from this very special 5-week workshop:

  • Each two-hour class is a mixture of lecture, Q&A, art exercises, and sharing.
  • Class is strictly limited to 10 people in order to allow for a personalized experience for each student.
  • Everyone is welcome to chat, share homework, ask questions, and hang out between classes on a dedicated private Slack channel (like texting on steroids).
  • If you do all the homework, you will be a changed artist at the end of the five weeks.
  • If you don't do all the homework, you will still be a changed artist at the end of the five weeks AND you'll get a copy (to keep) of all of my lecture slides so that you can do the homework at any time that suits you.
  • This class is for anyone who wants to improve their artwork but doesn't know how to get from where they are to where they want to be.
  • You can learn more and sign up HERE.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Design Boot Camp.

A Year of Gelatin Printing (& Bookbinding) - $450

This amazing workshop is power packed with content.  You can think of it as, "everything you ever wanted to know about gelatin printing."  There are MORE THAN 200 tutorial videos in this class.  If you paid $10 for a class with 4 videos, you'd still be paying more per video than you are with this class.  It's an amazing bargain for a truly comprehensive look at gelatin printing with lifetime access.  Learn anytime for as long as you want.  And the bookbinding projects range from basic to advanced with a mixture of different types of books.

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