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Art Supply Gift Guide: Under $100

Today we're talking about art supplies under $100.  If you're looking to give the gift of art supplies, keep reading.  And if you're looking to receive art supplies, feel free to share this list with Santa.

QoR Watercolors - $90.01 for the set

I was first introduced to QoR (pronounced "core") watercolors in 2016 and I've never looked back.  I've also never had to buy watercolor again.  I'm still using the original set from 2016 five years later.  So, yes they're pricey, but they will last you.  They are intensely pigmented use Aquazol instead of Gum Arabic as a binder.  This means that the colors are crystal clear.  I think it makes a big difference.

Gelatin Plate - 8x10 plate is $24.29

You need a gelatin plate in your life.  For real.  It is the one art tool that changed my entire art life.  It is life changing. I know that sounds super exaggerated, but it is the best $25 you can spend on an art supply.  I have taught literally thousands of people how to use a gelatin plate.  I have met people who came to class feeling "meh" about their plate, but I have never met anybody who left feeling that way.  With just a little bit of know how you can make amazing things.  And yet gelatin printing is still fascinating to me after many many years of doing it.  It's great and there's nothing else out there that makes printmaking at home so so easy.

Cup Holder $19.99

At first glance, you might not think that this is an art supply.  But, it is.  I have cup holders attached to every table in my studio.  This stops me from (a) knocking over my drink, (b) losing my drink in the mess, and (c) putting my paintbrush into my drink.  They are an essential part of my daily studio practice. I use them every single day.  The ones I own are more than 15 years old.  The one in this photo even has a bonus hook for hanging headphones (or a heat gun?).

MISTI (Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented) $69.95

This stamping platform is truly amazing for perfect placement and layering.  It's meant for use with silicone stamps, but I've seen people use it with stencils AND I have discovered that you can use it as press with hand carved stamps. Considering a real press costs several hundred dollars, it's awesome to know that you can use this stamping platform instead!  (If you want to know how I use it as a press, I've got a lesson all about it in the #CarveDecember Class.)

Speedball Fabric & Paper Block Printing Ink (set of 6) - $24.71

This is the block printing ink that I use whenever I print on fabric or paper.  It works well and cleans up easily with soap and water.  I have several garments that I've printed and then washed multiple times and they still look great.  If you don't need a starter set, you can buy individual tubes in lots of colors including some really nice metallics.  You can also buy bigger tubes in often used colors, like white and black.

And finally, from me:

Scrap Packs - $35

Scrap packs are back in stock.  Grab one before they're gone!  This is a pack of at least 30 hand painted scraps of paper. These are the papers I use to create collages and build my art! Painted papers may include a mixture of: copy paper, deli paper, tags, watercolor paper, book pages, maps, cardstock, drawing paper, and more! Papers may be painted, doodled, stamped, stenciled, and/or marbled. Media used include: watercolor, acrylic paint, markers, stamping ink, oil pastels, and more! Scraps vary in size from 1"x1" to 8.5"x11."

Tomorrow I will share the final installment of the gift guide: it's those budget busters that you've just got to have!

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