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Art Supply Gift Guide: Under $100

Art Supply Gift Guide: Under $15

If you're looking to give the gift of art supplies, I've gathered a list for you of great stuff that is all under $15.  If you're looking to receive art supplies, feel free to share this list with Santa.  :)

Golden Gripper $2.59

I use this thing every single time I paint.  It makes opening paint tubes a breeze.  No more pliers.  No more teeth.  No more sore fingers and struggles.  If I ever lose it, I will buy another without question.

Stabilo All Marking Pencils $1.75 each - buy all 8 colors for $14

This water soluble pencil writes on top of dried acrylic paint, bumpy surfaces, and has the blackest black of any water soluble pencil.  I looooove mine and buy the black by the case! If you're a nervous draw-er, it allows you to "erase" with water and makes even the ugliest little sketches look lovely and artistic once water is added.

Blick Economy Baren $12.71

I have to admit that I own a different brand of baren. But mine is twice the price and doesn't look any different from this one.  I use my baren multiple times per week and it saves my hands when gelatin printing.  I also get much cleaner prints from large stamps when I use a baren.

Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper $3.08-$13.90 depending on the size

This is my go-to paper.  For everything.  I use it for printmaking, drawing, painting, bookbinding...everything!  I love it and it's so reasonably priced.  I haven't found another paper that I like as much.  If you take any online class with me, chances are good that Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper is on the supply list.

Listo White China Markers $14.99 for a pack of 12

These might be the  most expensive thing on this list.  I love china markers because they write on top of anything.  You can do very little to hurt or damage them. And the folks at Listo have removed the single most annoying thing about them: having to peel that darn paper off.  I never get a clean peel.  This is a bright white and I use them in my work very often.

Tomorrow I'll share my picks for slightly pricier art supply gifts.  Thanks for stopping by!