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Steve Made D&D Cookies (and I helped)

Just around dinner time, Steve announced that he was going to make decorated sugar cookies for his Dungeons & Dragons group meeting the next day.

"Um," I stammered.  "Decorated sugar cookies usually take a few days."

He said, "I already made the dough."

Well, alright then.  I'm an optimist!  "Let's do it!!"

And so we took the frozen dough out of the freezer and thus began the marathon of cookie making/decorating in concert with bathing and putting our son to bed.  As we giggled over our terrible piping skills as we ran out of royal icing close to midnight, I remembered that so much of the joy of making is not in the outcome, but in the process and the company.

Like many of you, I'm sure, the pandemic has transformed "making" into a solo experience.  No in-person classes.  No crafty get togethers.  No quilting retreats.  No random encounters with other artists in the art supply shops.  I loooove Zoom and the online community, but I really do miss sitting next to a stranger for several hours and becoming friends because we both like to make things.

But enough melancholy meanderings.

Here are the cookies:

They're meant to look like a 20-sided D&D die:

And we made some star cookies for our son with the little scraps of leftover dough:

I give us an "A" for effort.  Now that we've made these dice cookies once -- and tried three different methods of decorating -- I know how we *should* have approached the decorating.  So we are ready to make even better cookies for the next D&D game!  The most important thing, of course, is that the cookies tasted great!

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