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Around Here: January 2022

Hello, friends! Here is a little bit about life around here right now:

What are you working on?

The 100 Day Project begins on February 13. 

I've been on and off the fence about doing it.  On the one hand, it's always a great way to push myself.  On the other hand, with a small unvaccinated human and this stupid pandemic, I'm close to losing my marbles, and I just don't know if adding another thing to my to-do list is a good idea.  While I mull it over for the next week or two, some topics I've considered are:

  • 100 Days of Printmaking
  • 100 Days of Color
  • 100 Days of Words + Art
  • 100 Days of Unsolicited Advice
  • 100 Days of Collage
  • 100 Days of Drawing
  • 100 Days of Sketchbooking

Are you planning to do the 100 Day Project this year?  I'd love to know your topic!

What are you loving?

Okay, so I wasn't sure whether or not to share this because it's very practical and not at all fun, but it truly has made my life so very happy.  I've been having trouble with the editing speed in Final Cut Pro.  Things were just taking forever plus some. So, I bought myself a new powered USB hub to connect my external hard drives and it's amazing!  

It has seriously made all the difference in the world.  I edit some kind of video almost every single day and have for years.  As a result, I have enormous storage issues and eight external hard drives packed with video files, but only 3 USB holes in my computer.  I've used a variety of hubs over the years, but this one is my favorite so far.  You can power off the ports that you're not using and there's no lag on the drives.  I love it!

How is the little guy?

I am finding it very difficult not to constantly talk about what a great kid he is.  I feel like we won the lottery.  Oh, he has the usual toddler tantrums and such, but he is so sweet and kind and loving.  He's the best.

We make art most mornings, at his request.  It's messy and silly and lots of fun.

Current art crush?

This month's art crush is a little bit different and totally mesmerizing -- especially his videos: dannylovespasta aka Danny Freeman.  He is an artist with hand made pasta.  Take a peek (and be sure to hit play on the videos):

Now that's what I call playing with your food!  So, there you have it!  That's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you're a Monthly Member, January's personal and studio vlogs are both up in the classroom.

What's the difference between a personal vlog and a studio vlog? 

  • Personal vlogs have a lot of daily life stuff (lots of baby) and a bit of random art content.  They're pretty much like the old weekly vlogs you can still see on my YouTube channel. All Members have access to personal vlogs.  
  • Studio vlogs are art focused on a single art project or art-related topic.  Past studio vlogs include: behind-the-scenes of putting together an online class, a studio tour, a peek into my sketchbook, a look at a day in the studio, etc.  Maker Members & Super Learner Members have access to the studio vlogs.

Thanks for stopping by!