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#CarveDecember 2021 Wrap Up

Easy Upcycled Washi Tape Storage

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make a big difference.  My washi tape storage method is one of those simple happy things. 

Watch this short video all about it:

Like I said in the video, this is a system I've been using for years and it works really well.  I hope you'll give it a try!

If you're looking for some washi tape inspiration, check out these blog posts from the archives:

Make Your Own Washi Tape - first shared in 2010 and re-blogged in 2015.  And now again in 2022.  (Probably time to write an updated tutorial, eh?)

image from
Washi Tape Thank You Cards - shared in 2020.  This is a super easy and fun way to use up a lot of pretty tape and create a ton of cards at the same time.

image from
As a side note, have you noticed that some washi tapes are just terrible in terms of functionality?  I have had to literally throw away tons of cute tape that (a) wouldn't stick and/or (b) wouldn't come off the roll.  It's so frustrating!  Let me know what your favorite brands of washi are.  I'd love to know!

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