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Ink Pad Storage

I have finally found the perfect ink pad storage system for me! 

My studio is in an attic with a sloped ceiling.  So I can't have any hanging shelves.  Instead, I put everything into drawers.  For many years I've kept my ink pads in a combination of shoe boxes.  It's a totally fine, totally free (upcycled boxes) storage system.  But during #CarveDecember this year I was increasingly frustrated by having to rummage through the boxes for what I wanted and things not quite fitting into the drawer.  So, half way through December I decided to investigate ink pad storage.  This is the classic system that stampers rave about:

ClassicAmazon Link

It can sit on a desk, a shelf, or be wall mounted.  I seriously considered it, but besides being impractical for my space, it's also expensive.  So, I kept looking.  I found lots of people who recommended various versions of risers for drawers, like this:

SteppedstorageAmazon Link

But one of the reasons I've stuck with the shoebox method for so long is because I like being able to grab the box and take it to my desk.  The risers didn't seem practical for that.  And then I remembered that I had been on HSN with a lady who was all about crafty storage.  So, I started googling to see if any of her product would be right for me. And that's when I found it: the Stephanie Buddy Bag!  Watch the video to learn all about it:

I'm so glad to have finally found a system that works for me.  But, as I've said in the past: the key to organizing your art stash is knowing how your brain works and how your space operates.  So I'd love to know!  What system do you use?

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