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Recent ScanNCut Club Tutorials & A Lesson for Me

I have been a busy bee these past few months and have not always been great about sharing everything I make.  How about a little bit of show-and-tell today?  Here are a few recent projects from ScanNCut Club:

Papervase-wma vase that holds water, made from either paper or cork fabric

PackageToppers-wm3 different styles of package toppers

EmbossedValentine-wmembossed Valentine (that's paper, not metal btw)

DomedLamp-dark-wmDomed Paper Luminary

MamaBearBag-wmInfusible Ink (i.e. sublimation) how to

One of my favorite things that has happened because of ScanNCut Club is that I have been forced out of my comfort zone.  I usually make tutorials of things that I like and that I feel really comfortable with -- which makes sense since I have to teach them.  But because ScanNCut Club's content is based on the members' questions and feedback, I've had to push myself to try new things, fail (A LOT), and do things that aren't necessarily natural to me.  I love it!  I actually feel MORE inspired to use my ScanNCut now than I did before I started the club.

Whether you have a ScanNCut or not, there's an easy lesson here: Get out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes the reason you're not feeling the mojo is because you're bored. Whether you realize it or not.  If you're feeling stuck, I encourage you to take on a new challenge and rise to the occasion!  I know you can do it! :)

In case you're wondering what ScanNCut Club is, it's a monthly membership for ScanNCut users.  There are 3 tutorial videos every month:

  1. project tutorial step-by-step
  2. technique (missing manual) tutorial
  3. hour-long livestream where I answer your questions and do ScanNCut tutorials on demand

All videos are archived and when you join, you get immediate access to all previous content.  Whether you're a newbie or an experienced user, there's something for you at ScanNCut Club.  But you don't have to take my word for it:

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have a talent for teaching and I've learned so much. Glad I discovered your club as I begin my SNC journey." - MP
"A+. I'm not a newbie but even I learned something. Thanks for 'writing' the unwritten manual!" - Daniel

You can read more rave reviews here.

Thanks for stopping by!


Please note: I am a paid ScanNCut Ambassador, but ScanNCut Club is not affiliated with Brother in any way.