#CarveDecember 2021: Days 22-31
Card as Work of Art: No More Cards in the Trash!

Setting Art Goals the SMARTER Way

Did anyone else set art goals for 2022?  I did.  And I followed the SMARTER method.  Have you heard of it? 

Follow the SMARTER method and you will achieve your goals because they will be well thought out, appropriate for your life, as well as actionable.

If one of your goals is to up your art game, I hope you'll check out Design Boot Camp.  There are just a few spots left and I'd love for you to join us on the journey!  Click HERE for more information.

You can watch this short video where I explain how the SMARTER method works:

If you're thinking about doing the 100 Day Project (begins February 13, 2022), I think this is a really useful acronym to keep in mind.  

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BTW: This month's group coaching topic is 2022 art goals!