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Around Here: January 2022

Supermarket Cupcakes Transformed into Fabulous Birthday Treats

Today is my birthday!

I'm just a little bit older than I was in this birthday photo.  (And 5-6 years older than my Mom was in this photo!)

And now I must confess an awful truth: I don't really like cake.  I like the look of a cake and I love the look of a cupcake.  But I'd much rather simply eat ice cream or a cookie and call it a day.  Nevertheless, like I said, I do like the look of cupcakes and there's a certain two-year-old living in my house who can demolish a cupcake in no time at all.  So, for my birthday I decided to create a win-win: a crafty project for me.  Cupcakes for the little guy to eat!  I bought an inexpensive pack of relatively plain supermarket cupcakes and gussied them up with book pages.

As you can see, I cut cupcake wrappers from book pages, and I made flower toothpick toppers from book pages.  It's a big improvement over how they originally looked:

Here's a quick guide to creating the flowers:

Cut 5 ten-petal flowers with a hole in the middle.

Cut the flowers apart as you see in the photo above.

Roll each of the flower sections and glue them together, as you see above.

Then all that's left is to stack the flower pieces on a toothpick and add the decorative stamens in order to create your finished flowers!

If you need video instructions for these flowers, I did a tutorial back in 2016, which you can find HERE.

It's truly amazing to see what you can do with a few old book pages!

Thanks for stopping by!