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Messy Writing Stencil to Make Fabulous Collage Papers

Three 5x7 Mixed Media Collages

I recently finished a series of three 5x7 mixed media collages.  (You can grab one in my shop, if you're interested.)

You can watch this overview video to see them come together:

As I mention in the video, I started them for January's Book Club.  This is what they looked like at the time of the Book Club recording:

And here they are now:

A few tips to take with you:

  • Don't be afraid to cover things up.  The layers and the texture are still there -- just in a more subtle way.
  • Learn what things make your artwork "feel right."  Is it a particular color palette?  Design?  Pattern?  You'll be more satisfied with your work once you can articulate this.
  • Work in multiples.  This way you can say yes to all your ideas.  In addition, if you're a fast worker like me, this helps to prevent you from overworking pieces because you can jump around.
  • Get some "ugly" and "plain" collage papers.  If every piece of collage paper is a star then your artwork will have too many things fighting for focus.

Members have access to the real-time version of this video.  Also: there's some additional footage from later sessions that I cut out of the fast forward version, which can be found in the real-time version.

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