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I'm currently participating in "Weave Through Winter," a project led by Helen Hiebert. The idea is to create a paper weaving every single day in February. Here's what I've made so far: Days 1-6 Days 7-14 And now, days 15-25! This leaf is woven into an existing journal page - you can see the front and the back here: The entire process of this weaving is available to members to watch in real time: This weaving was painted AFTER weaving and you can see a bit of that process HERE. This weaving is by far my favorite -- it also... Read more →

Hello, friends! Here is a little bit about life around here right now: What are you working on? Weaving, weaving, weaving. I spend A LOT of time every single day weaving paper. It's both frustrating and exhilarating to be a beginner. Frustrating because I don't always get the results that I want and exhilarating because learning is exciting and consuming. What are you loving? I am Wordle obsessed. If you don't know about this simple but fascinating game (which you can only play once a day), here are the rules: Some days it takes me a long time and some... Read more →

Today we are playing with TCW960: Cosmic Music. This is the last of the six stencils from this release, but the first stencil I designed for the release. I love how this stencil design is both rigid and free at the same time. It makes for very dynamic images. In this short video I'm sharing how I like to use a stencil brush and acrylic paint with stencils, along with how to make a simple card with your stenciled paper. This is the card that I made in the video: I have really enjoyed sharing these simple stenciling and card... Read more →

Today we are playing with TCW957: Quartered Blocked. This is the stencil that I previously mentioned was based on a photo of an old door. In this short tutorial video I'm showing you how I like to create ghost prints - with a reverse of the stencil - and combine various colors of those ghost prints for a simple and beautiful greeting card! Enjoy! This is the card that I made in the video: You may recall that I used a similar technique a few years ago, but with very different looking results. Stencil links if you wish to buy... Read more →

Do you know what sublimation printing is? In essentials, it's using heat to permanently transfer ink from a piece of paper onto another surface. If you look around your house you probably have sublimation printed items and don't even know it. Mugs, t-shirts, socks, tote bags, mouse pads...the list is pretty long. If you look online, you'll find hundreds of videos with hacks and instructions for doing sublimation printing at home. So, of course, I wanted to try it! I bought two different brands (and styles) of sublimation markers – one with a very thin pen tip and one with... Read more →

Paper Weaving Process Video

As you know, I'm currently creating a paper weaving every day this month for Weave Through Winter, the brainchild of Helen Hiebert. Several people have asked me for paper weaving instructions. I'm still a super beginner and learning as I go. But I thought you might enjoy a paper weaving process video: This two-minute video represents about an hour in real life. If you'd like to watch the real time version, monthly members can find it in the online classroom. Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

Today we are playing with TCW958: Splash Whoosh. Have you ever tried stamping through a stencil? It's lots of fun and if you use pigment ink, there's a bonus way of coloring in your image. I took the paper I stamped and turned it into a simple and beautiful greeting card, which I'm sharing in this video! Enjoy! This is the card that I made in the video: I enjoy making holiday cards that aren't quite the expected motifs. Stencil links if you wish to buy any of them: TCW956: Viney Flowers 12x12: 6x6: TCW957: Quartered Blocked 12x12:... Read more →

I'm currently participating in "Weave Through Winter," a project led by Helen Hiebert. The idea is to create a paper weaving every single day in February. Here's what I've made so far: Days 1-6 And now, days 7-14: As you can see, my weavings are all over the place. Different sizes, different formats, different styles, different everything! Last week I talked about being in the technical phase of learning. Right now, I'm in the experimental phase of learning where I'm simply trying everything I can think of to see what works and what doesn't. As a side note, learning phases... Read more →

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Today I thought I would share a quick and easy card that you can make for someone you love. We are using TCW961: Basketweave to make the magic happen! Jaime, from The Crafter's Workshop, wasn't sure about this stencil when I submitted the design. But I'm pretty sure it's going to be in regular rotation for me. The fact is, selfish as it may be, I really design the stencils that I want to use, so I hope you like it as much as I do! In this short tutorial video I'm showing... Read more →

Another super fun Book Club yesterday! We discussed Mark Hearld's Work Book. It's a wonderful book, so let's dive right in: I love instructional books because they are packed with tips and exercises. But you can still learn from non-instructional art books, like this one. If you don't have time for the video above, or just want a quick recap, here's the recap: This method means that you can learn from all kinds of artists -- dead and alive. Here is a multi-block print I made inspired by Mark Hearld's work: I tried a few color variations: If you'd like... Read more →