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Bleeding Tissue Paper is Beautiful

My toddler joins me in the studio most days.  We spend time in the studio doing lots of non-art related things: hiding, moving trash cans, building a fort, and so on.  We also do a lot of drawing, cutting (he loves scissors), sewing (the sewing machine is endlessly fascinating), moving fabric all around on the design wall,  and gelatin printing.  But his number one favorite activity is using the spray bottle.  

I've experimented with a variety of spray activities, but the one we keep coming back to is spraying bleeding tissue paper.

Don't worry.  I'm one step away from him when he's standing on the bucket.  I usually keep a hand on him, but stepped away to snap this photo.  He did not fall off.

I've had bleeding tissue paper in my stash forever. I even blogged about it in 2014 and there's a video tutorial in the Maker Membership classroom all about how to use bleeding tissue paper with water soluble markers for spectacular results.  Here's a peek at a few of the pieces in my stash:

I've been using them for collage -- of course.  But recently, I've also been experimenting with turning the tissue paper in earrings. (This video is embedded from instagram, if you can't view it, please visit this link.)

Some things I love about the bleeding tissue paper:

  • It's slightly translucent.
  • It's like dyed fabric -- it's the same on both sides (as opposed to a paint application).
  • It's friendly with other mediums.

Some things to be aware of:

  • The bleeding doesn't stop. So if you're gluing it, the color will continue to run if you rub it too much.
  • It's tissue paper and it does rip when it gets very wet.
  • When decorating the tissue paper, you can guess at the results, but it's always kind of a gamble.

All of this is to say, that I recently completed a new mixed media collage and an enormous part of its charm is thanks to some bleeding tissue paper that my son helped me decorate.  I will show you that artwork tomorrow!

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