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German Paper Weaving Tool

As you know, I spent the month of February doing a paper weaving every single day.  During that month, I heard about a German paper weaving tool that school children in Germany use. 

I eventually ordered this German weaving tool, but I was reluctant to order it for a long time because the tool is $6.95 and the shipping is $7.50.  That said, I'm so glad that I did.  It's a total game changer. It comes with no instructions because it's pretty intuitive to use.  It's like a long skinny pair of reverse-grip tweezers.  I think of it like a needle for paper weaving.  Watch the video for more:

The reason I finally ordered the tool is because people said it made the weaving process a lot easier and faster, especially in tight areas. And, oh my God, it really does.  I can tell you just from that very first row I wove, it made an enormous difference.  I actually can't believe how much easier this tool made the paper weaving process.  It's kind of like as if you were sewing with a needle instead of just pushing the thread through a hole with your fingers. Even in the spots that are tough -- like the final strip -- this tool made it so quick and simple.

Paper weaving is time consuming. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.  But this tool definitely makes the weaving faster and less stressful.  I don't know why they don't sell these tools at art supply stores all over the US. The only place I could find the tool was Washi Arts and they're currently sold out. 

I rarely sing the praises of a tool so absolutely and unequivocally.  I have no qualms about recommending it to anyone who wants to weave paper. This is such a simple genius little thing.  It's a tweezer for weaving.

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