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Draw Your Zoom Meeting

I recently saw Carla Sonheim drawing her Zoom meetings.  What a stroke of genius!  I don't know about you, but I definitely think better and listen better when I'm drawing.  I was enchanted by Carla's idea of creating a drawing (and a record) instead of the random doodling I often do.  I had a Zoom meeting yesterday and so I gave it a go.

As you can probably tell, these are not actual likenesses of anyone who was at the meeting.  But, they were super fun to draw and a great way for me to practice my observation skills while still participating in the meeting.  Drawings like these are easy to do while you are facing the camera.  You are clearly looking at the other people, so it's not distracting to anyone.  And drawing is easy to start and stop, so you can talk and take notes as you need. The drawing definitely kept me calm and present the entire meeting!  Plus the supplies you need are super basic: pen and colored pencil.  I worked on top of a page in my sketchbook that already had paint on it, but you could work on a blank page too.

Did you notice that I even included a sketch of myself?!

At your next Zoom meeting, you might find it both enjoyable and useful to do some quick sketches of the folks you're looking at!  (Plus what's behind them is always interesting!)

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