Around Here: March 2022
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Favorites from the CAA Members Prize Show 2022

On Friday, when I dropped my artwork off at the Cambridge Art Association for the "Love that Dirty Water" exhibit, I popped into the Kathryn Schultz Gallery to see the 2022 Members Prize Show. 

I took just a few photos, but I have to say it was soooooo nice to see art in real life.  I miss it a lot.  Take a peek:

This abstract was my favorite from the whole exhibit. I looked up the artist and didn't love the rest of her art, which was interesting.  I can see where this piece came from, but I didn't see a lot of other work from her that did quite such a good job of bringing disparate elements together.

This piece isn't one that I would hang in my home, but it immediately reminded me of all of the lovely Dutch flower paintings done on a dark background.

Dutchflowersimage source

I always appreciate the wonderful mastery of those who can paint such realistic blooms.

I was so charmed by how the artist carried the image onto the mat for this artwork. It definitely stopped me in my tracks and made me look twice.

As the card notes, this piece was done a piece of insulation board -- I included a closeup of the corner where you can really see the substrate. I love the time lapse feeling of this piece.

I hope you took note of the prices of the work, by the way.  A good way to price your own work is to see how much comparable (similar size, similar materials, artist with similar amount of experience, etc.) work is selling for.

So, there you go.  A quick look at some of the pieces I thought were notable.  I'm hoping to make it out to more museums and galleries in the next few months!

Thanks for stopping by!