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Quilter's Connection Quilt Show 2022

A New Glossy Mixed Media Painting

Hello friends!  I have an enormous amount of artwork that I've made in the past six months.  I've been a busy bee and I'm excited to share.  You can expect to see lots more over the coming weeks.  I've shared all of the paintings on this wall, except for the one in the center.

There's something so wonderful about seeing lots of pieces of your work hanging on a wall, even if it is an imaginary wall!

This piece has lovely deep edges (it's a 12x12 wood panel), but was spectacularly difficult to photograph because I finished it with a coat of Tar Gel and as a result it's super shiny.  The shine looks great in real life, but there's a reason artists photograph their work BEFORE they varnish it.  Nevertheless, take a peek:

I think you can really see the shiny surface in some of those detail photos.  It's hanging on my wall at the moment, but if you'd like it to hang on your wall, it's in my shop.  The Tar Gel gives it wonderful depth when viewed in person.

Thanks for stopping by!