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From the Archives: How to Mount a Collage

Yesterday, I was discussing the process of mounting a paper collage on a wood canvas with a private coaching client of mine.  And I realized that I wrote a post about the process back in 2013.  I thought that you might find the process useful to revisit.  It's possible that some of the links no longer work, so do let me know if you come across one and I'll update it.  Thanks!


Gosh, I got so many questions about exactly how I mounted my collages in this post, so I decided to do a quick tutorial.

You will need:

STEP ONE: Collage the Edges

Collage the edges of your wood canvas.  Where possible use the same colors and papers to create a seamless look.  I added black paint along one edge.

 Note: I am using Matte Medium & a paintbrush to do the collaging on the sides of my canvas.  This is how I always collage.

STEP TWO: Wrap the Excess

Wrap the excess paper to the front of the canvas (it will be hidden under the collage).  

At the corners I simply cut a slit and then glue the paper down.

Hint: Every now and then place your collage on the front of your canvas so that you can see if things are matching up and looking "right."

At this point you can also add more paint or collage to the edges of your canvas:

STEP THREE: Apply Gel Medium

Slather the front of the canvas with a nice not-too-thick and not-too-thin coat of gel medium.  Work quickly because you don't want it to dry before you're done covering the whole canvas.  

Be sure to get full coverage, all the way to the edges.


Press the collage into the gel medium.  Place a sheet of deli paper or wax paper on top of the collage.  Roll over the top with the brayer to make sure that the collage is fully adhered everywhere.  

Remove the deli paper and wipe away any excess gel medium that has squirted out of the sides of the collage.

Work the edges with your fingers, making sure that the collage is strongly adhered to the canvas along each edge.  If necessary, place a heavy object onto any areas that are not adhering.

Let the gel medium dry, checking back occasionally to push on or add weight to any edges that aren't adhering.

STEP FIVE: Final Fixes

Take a peek at your final gallery wrapped canvas.  Evaluate the sides in relationship to the front.  You may need to add some more collage or paint.  You may need to knock back a bright color.  You may need to continue a stamped pattern around the side.  Just do whatever little fixes you can to make it look exactly the way you want it to.

And that's it!  Now all you have to do is sit back and admire your work!

I hope that was helpful!  Thanks for stopping by.