Scrawlr Box Unboxing: January, February, March, and April 2022
Air-Dry Clay Vase

Night Garden Quilt In Progress

I am currently working on a massively large (for me) art quilt.  It has gone through 10,000 iterations. At the moment, this is my favorite arrangement:

But it all could change tomorrow.

To get a sense of the scale, you can watch this 12-second video:

And here are a few close-up photos.  It's almost all hand painted, hand stamped, hand dyed, and/or hand screen printed fabric.

I'm currently taking a "class" with Irene Roderick that's all about personal style.  I put "class" in quotes because it's more of a critique group.  Each week Irene gives a short lecture about some aspect of personal style.  Yesterday's lecture was about source material.  Then each of us does our own thing and we come back the next week with new work to share.

My three goals with this class (and I do believe that you should always be clear about what you want to get out of any class) are as follows:

  1. Cement my style in quilting.  Painting and quilting involve such different processes.  I'm trying to work on my quilted art looking and feeling more like my painted work without actually painting. 
  2. Work with patterns.  I know that I can make great looking quilts with solid fabrics.  It's easy to really make the design pop.  But can I do it with patterned fabrics?
  3. Explore fusing.  This piece is totally fused.  Not sewn. What can/can't you do with fusing?  How does that change the outcome/process?

Mom and I are planning to record a podcast this week about some of these ideas.  I'm looking forward to discussing them in depth.  And I'm looking forward to working on this beast.  I know it's going to continue to evolve!

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