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Michaels Haul Explained

This is a video I recorded back in November 2021, but never edited and shared. However I had a pocket of free time this weekend and so I finally crossed it off of my to-do list! I wanted to take the time to not only show you what I bought, but also to share WHY I bought it. A big part of my teaching philosophy is that understanding "why" empowers you to create the art that you've always wanted to. Instead of copying or relying on others, you gain the knowledge that allows you to pursue your artwork without the... Read more →

Yesterday, I was discussing the process of mounting a paper collage on a wood canvas with a private coaching client of mine. And I realized that I wrote a post about the process back in 2013. I thought that you might find the process useful to revisit. It's possible that some of the links no longer work, so do let me know if you come across one and I'll update it. Thanks! ------- Gosh, I got so many questions about exactly how I mounted my collages in this post, so I decided to do a quick tutorial. You will need:... Read more →