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Around Here: June 2022

Hey friends!  I'm delighted to share that Jana, from the Artistically You Podcast, interviewed me and we chatted about finding your personal style. 

Ep 41_Pinterest Pin
You can listen into our conversation HERE.

Jana is a graduate of both Design Boot Camp Level 1 and 2, and we do end up chatting quite a bit about how that experience helped to shape her sense of personal style.

I hope you enjoy the chat and find it useful in your own artistic journey!

And now here's the round-up for June 2022:

What's happening at home?

The house is painted. Yay!  You can see the transformation in this 10-second video (watch out, the audio is LOUD):

It's such a big change and I love how you see the architecture of the house now.  

What's on your desk right now?

It's a miracle.  I cleaned!!!!  This is about as clean as it gets.  And it stays this way for 10-15 minutes.  Just long enough to take a photo.  ;) 

Here are the items of interest:

  • Pieces for a Project: I often corral bits and pieces for future projects I'm planning into page protectors.  Then when I'm ready to create, I can just grab the page protector and go!
  • One-Step Looper & Wire: This is a new-to-me tool that May Flaum uses in her video for The Artful Holiday class.  After seeing it in use, I had to have one for myself!  I love it so much that I'm planning to make a video all about it.
  • Dirty Paint Water: Sadly, cleaning out my paint water is one of those tasks I always leave until later.  Anyone else?
  • Sticks for a Project: As part of The Artful Holiday class, I'm creating several projects that use techniques from other teacher's classes to create something new.  The sticks are part of one of those projects!
  • Most Used Supplies: I have two spots on my desk for most used supplies.  On the left is a desk organizer that holds paper, brayers, tweezers, and a few other supplies.  On the right is my tower of power -- paints, inks, adhesives, most used pens and tools, and more!

Even when things are clean in my studio, they're still not "Pottery Barn pretty."  I have a wonderful and supremely functional studio, but it's not photogenic.  As they say: "Build a life that feels good from the inside rather than looks good from the outside."

Your most recent Pin on Pinterest?

I  recently pinned this beauty to my "Contemporary Still Life" pin board.

I'm intrigued by the gold.  I've been contemplating some play with gold leaf lately, but it seems like an expensive addiction. 

A recommendation?

Now that the warmer weather is here, I am loving my YETI Rambler.  If I leave it in the car, even on a boiling hot day, I still come back to ice cold water.  It's awesome!

It was pricey, so I was a nervous buyer, but I have to say I use it every single day and it's a lifesaver on a hot playground or during a long sweaty walk.  I've had it for a year -- it goes in the dishwasher, btw -- and I bought the straw top for it earlier this month.  For one-handed convenience, I do prefer the straw top to the screw top it comes with.  The one negative is that it's big and doesn't fit in all cup holders.  But I'm pretty much attached to mine at all times.

So, that's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you're a Monthly Member, the June personal vlog is up in the classroom and the studio vlog should be up later today or early tomorrow morning. 

What's the difference between a personal vlog and a studio vlog? 

  • Personal vlogs have a lot of daily life stuff (lots of my son) and a bit of random art content.  They're pretty much like the old weekly vlogs you can still see on my YouTube channel. All Members have access to personal vlogs.  
  • Studio vlogs are art focused on a single art project or art-related topic.  Past studio vlogs include: behind-the-scenes of putting together an online class, a studio tour, a peek into my sketchbook, a look at a day in the studio, etc.  Maker Members & Super Learner Members have access to the studio vlogs.

Basically, if you like these "Around Here" posts, the vlogs are this content, but more of it, and in a video format.

Thanks for stopping by! 


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