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My two-year-old loves to come up to my attic studio and make art. We paint, we draw, we smooth fabric, we spray water, and most recently: we play with air dry clay. We made some clay beads together -- which mostly means that I rolled balls of clay and he smashed them. But after he went to bed, I fixed up some of the salvageable beads and set them aside to dry. Once the beads had dried, I painted them -- using the same technique I share in The Artful Holiday class to make these fabulous clay ring/jewelry dishes: As... Read more →

Back in April, I spent an afternoon at the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) here in Boston. I used to go to the museum once a week, but since having a baby and the age of COVID...well, I have not been a frequent visitor. So it felt good to roam around the familiar halls now stocked with different art in many cases. Mom and Steve came with me and we saw 3 notable things: The Turner Exhibit Art in Bloom The Philip Guston Exhibit The short and skinny on the visit is: I am not a Turner fan. Art in... Read more →

Mom is under the weather today, so instead of chatting with her, I'm sharing portions of three interviews I did with artists who are a part of The Artful Holiday online class. Listen to the podcast below or at this link: I'm chatting with Barb Smucker... ...about her daily art practice. This is a picture of the beautiful collage calendar she's teaching you how to make in The Artful Holiday class: You can watch my full interview with Barb HERE. May Flaum... ...and I chat about being an art technique omnivore, and using what you've got. She's sharing how to... Read more →

You guys, I am so very pleased to share that The Artful Holiday class is now open for registration. This project-based online workshop could also have been called "The Art of Celebrating." The last few years of COVID-life have been isolating and I, personally, have found myself wanting to make holidays feel a little bit more special. Hand made art and gifts are some of my favorite ways to share a bit of light and love with the people in my life. So I gathered eighteen amazing artist-friends and asked them to share the ideas and projects that fine artists... Read more →

So yesterday I shared a little bit about the process of pochoir. Today I thought I'd share what I made. (Yay!) My first attempt resulted in these seven 5-color prints: It was soooooo much fun to do! And since I had done abstract, I wanted to try a more representational image. I also wanted to figure out an easier method of registering the prints so that the stencils lined up. And I figured both out. Yay! Here's the result: I love this technique so much that I've put together a step-by-step how-to -- from cutting the stencils to registering them... Read more →