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Sorting My Pretty Paper Projects

My art practice involves five major branches:

  1. Making
  2. Cleaning and Organizing
  3. Research and Learning
  4. Planning and Shopping
  5. Practice and Processing

I'm currently mostly doing #2 today: cleaning and organizing. My current mission is sifting through all the pretty paper projects I've made recently and sorting them into three piles: sell, collage fodder, do more.

SELL is pretty easy.

If it looks great and I can imagine someone hanging it on their wall, it goes in the sell pile. 🙌  (This paper weaving is one of the tutorials from the Artful Holiday class, btw.)

COLLAGE FODDER is the stuff that isn't good enough to sell - either it didn't turn out well or it's simply not finished enough to be art that you hang on your wall.

But it's also not a piece of paper with two dots of paint or ink on it. I'm exaggerating a bit. But I do tend to mop up a spill and then forget about that 90% blank piece of paper.  For me, collage fodder can be very decorative...

...or kind of ugly. 

It's simply mostly covered with paint or ink or whatever.

The collage fodder pile is the paper that will become the basis of the work I do for the next few months. ❤️

is all of the stuff where I can still see the white of the paper over a large portion of it.

Everybody is different. So for some people this piece of paper might be collage fodder. For me, it needs more! ➕➕➕

How do you sort your paper projects? I'd love to know!

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