An April Afternoon at the MFA - Part 2
A New Vincent van Gogh?!

The Balzer Designs Art Gallery -- aka a little art gallery

In March, I established The Balzer Art Gallery just outside my house.

It's like a little free lending library, but instead of books, it's filled with art.  I seeded the gallery with some of my own artwork...

...but over time it has come to house lots of fabulous art from other folks.  I've been sharing what's coming and going on the @BalzerArtGallery instagram account.  Here's a peek at just a few images (these images and videos are embedded from instagram - if you're reading this on email and can't see them, view this blog post online.):

I love checking the box every day to see if there's anything new or anything gone to a new home.  The most difficult thing is not keeping the art for myself. There have been many times that I've wanted to take the art and keep it, but I think it's important for the little art gallery to be a community project and not just my personal art hoarding spot.

If you're interested in learning more about how I put together the art gallery, I shared a two-part studio vlog about it in the Maker Member classroom.  There's also lots of information to be found online.  You can read this article from Smithsonian Magazine about the phenomenon of free little art galleries and then a more practical how-to article from the Gardenista blog.

If you're local, I hope you'll stop by my free little art gallery!