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Adventures in Arting Podcast: Episode 128 "Asking Specific Questions"

Today's episode of The Adventures in Arting podcast was fueled by an email I get almost every single day:

"I can't access my class."

It's a statement that makes me crazy because there's no way for me to help the emailer.  The questions I usually write back with are:

  • What's the class?
  • What's the specific issue with accessing the class?
  • Is there an error message you're seeing?

My frustration with this unspecific way of asking for help, led me to think about WHY asking specific questions is so important -- not only in getting technical support, but also in helping ourselves make better art.  I truly believe that if you can ask a specific question, you can almost always get an answer that is useful. 

So, in today's podcast, Mom and I are chatting about asking specific questions (and we wander off onto several tangents, of course!) and setting goals.  You can listen the audio version of the podcast below (or wherever you like to get podcasts):

Or you can watch the video version on my YouTube Channel.

If you're looking for the chat with Carolyn Dube that I reference in the podcast, here it is:

If you're interested in learning to ask better questions, I hope you'll check out Design Boot Camp.  Payment plans are available.

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