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Around Here: August 2022

Hey friends!  Here's the round-up for August 2022:

What's happening at home?

A certain somebody doesn't want any help.  In this photo he's pushing Steve's hand off the bike.

Recently at his swimming lesson, he told me to stop holding him. Since he can't swim, I declined.  We finally compromised and he clung to the wall of the pool while I hovered nervously.  He has declared he's a big boy and can cross streets and parking lots by himself.  This is a major battle we have every day.  I hold his hand.  He tries to wiggle away.  So today when I asked him if he wanted to help me clean up after breakfast and he said he wanted to do it himself...I said, "Great!" and handed him the dustbuster.  He's definitely Mr. Independent.

What's on your desk right now?


  1. ScanNCut Mat.  I have been doing a lot of ScanNCut projects including some stencil and stamp prototyping.
  2. Halloween project prototypes!
  3. Trying to choose the Book Club books for October and November and I think I've found some good ones. 
  4. Supplies left out from a video I filmed for my new online class: The Carve December Workbook.
  5. A stack of stuff I need to put away, but I'm too lazy to put away.  The wooden canvases are extras from my Art Fair booth.  The foam adhesive is just there.  I can't even remember what I used it on. And the little gift card envelope is a ScanNCut Club project.
  6. Empty containers for paint.

Your most recent Pin on Pinterest?

It's a Diebenkorn, which is not surprising. He's become one of my favorite artists. In fact, he's one of the artists that I use as an example for many of the exercises in Design Boot Camp: Steal Like an Artist.

A recommendation?

We are in the midst of watching season 2 of Only Murders in the Building and I am loooooving it!

I feel like Martin Short and Steve Martin are such a good comedy duo here.  Martin Short is so over the top and Steve Martin is doing a very good straight man.  The show is funny and intriguing and I'm still guessing about who the murderer is!

So, that's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you're a Monthly Member, the August personal vlog is up in the classroom and the studio vlog should be up later today. 

What's the difference between a personal vlog and a studio vlog? 

  • Personal vlogs have a lot of daily life stuff (lots of my son) and a bit of random art content.  They're pretty much like the old weekly vlogs you can still see on my YouTube channel. All Members have access to personal vlogs.  
  • Studio vlogs are art focused on a single art project or art-related topic.  Past studio vlogs include: behind-the-scenes of putting together an online class, a studio tour, a peek into my sketchbook, a look at a day in the studio, etc.  Maker Members & Super Learner Members have access to the studio vlogs.

Basically, if you like these "Around Here" posts, the vlogs are this content, but more of it, and in a video format.

Thanks for stopping by! 


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