The Artful Holiday Class: Week Four
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The Artful Holiday Class: Week Four

It has been another wonderful week of projects and techniques and ideas in The Artful Holiday class!  Here's a recap of what we did:

On Monday, I shared how to make a beaded bracelet that can also be worn as a necklace or watch band!

Robin said, "Julie I have always loved these bracelets but never knew how to make them. You are really an extraordinary teacher. You make it so clear and easy to follow. Thank you for that."

On Tuesday, Laura Kemshall shared how to make this mixed media book wrap:

Kim said, "Loved this lesson! I used to be an avid quilter and have gotten side tracked to paper and mixed media…this fuses the two hobbies beautifully! THANKS!"

On Wednesday, I shared an awesome mash-up project.  It's a no-sew book made from junk mail, but you'd never know its humble beginnings!

Vicki said, "OMG! so many ideas! I will be coming back to this one forever."

On Thursday, Andrea Chebeleu shared how to turn toilet paper tubes into adorable artful containers!

Joan said, "Great ideas for recycled does look addictive!"

On Friday, Joe Rotella brought the Halloween magic with an easy assemblage project:

Julie said, "What a great project! Thank you!"

On Saturday Mary Beth Shaw shared oodles of surface design techniques in order to create personalized wrapping paper!

Mary Beth Shaw  Artful Holiday 5
JoAnn said, "Mary Beth is always a joy to watch. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Thinking of decorating some papers and revisiting Julie’s mash up book. This whole Artful Holiday has been such fun."

On Sunday, I shared the step-by-step tutorial for making these fabulous trinket dishes:

deLancey said, "what a great idea — I love these! I want to try make some in October when the colors change."

Like I've said before, this class is packed with sooooooooo much content!  I've gotten plenty of messages like this one from Rhonda: "Many new techniques and crafts to try. I haven’t had time (yet) but I’m looking forward to exploring and playing. You have put so much time and effort into each project, Julie! They are really a treat each day to open a new project." 

There's still plenty of time to join class and get lifetime access to all of the great tutorials.