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The Artful Holiday Class: Week One

The Artful Holiday class is off to a fabulous start!  On Monday, I shared how to make these super fun fabric earrings:

Sharyn said, "Easy to follow and thorough instructions. I BELIEVE I can do this. I like that I can use my own stuff or paint a new design. Beautiful result! Great start to this series. Thanks."

And I was thrilled when Laura posted her version of the earrings in the Balzer Designs Students Facebook Group:

And Marybeth posted hers on instagram:

As a teacher, there's nothing better than seeing the work you inspire!

On Tuesday, Carolyn Dube taught everyone how to turn their gelatin printing scraps into sparkly Christmas trees.

Julie K. said, "I LOVE these! So, so cute and fun, and the extra tips were awesomely helpful! Thanks, Carolyn!"

On Wednesday, we had our first mashup project.  What are mashup projects?  I'm so glad you asked!

Every Wednesday, I take elements, techniques, and ideas from the projects that have been shared and show you how I'm mashing them up to make something new.  Yes, this class is packed with step-by-step projects.  But it's also about helping you to understand how to pick and choose the techniques and ideas that work for you to make something new and exciting.  So, I took my fabric earring project and Carolyn's sparkling trees and showed how make these super fun sparkly earrings:

Robyn says, "Gah! These are So Cute, and look like so much fun to make. Can’t wait to make some!"

On Thursday, Barb Smucker shared her process for creating small collages that can be turned into a one-of-a-kind calendar!

Margaret said, "Barbara – I am now obsessed with making collage squares and other types for these calendars. I have never gotten so many ideas from just one class. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and your art with us!"

On Friday, I shared my process for batch printing with leaves and how I made 22 cards from a single short gelatin printing session.

deLancey said, "yay! what an awesome lesson. I just love the variety of cards, as well as the diversity of uses you detail at the end of the class. thank you so much, Julie. it boggles my mind that, for the first time ever, I’m looking forward to each new day in August."

I was delighted to see Barb's version of the project on instagram:

I am constantly reminded and delighted that we are our own unique individual artists.  I love how Barb's version is less dense than mine -- which totally reflects the aesthetic in her other artwork too!

On Saturday, Deborah Boschert shared her step-by-step process (and the template, of course) for making these adorable double-sided door hangers that celebrate the winter (dark side) solstice and summer (light side) solstice.

Summer Solstice Door Hanger
Summer Solstice Door Hanger
Sharyn said, "Clear and easy to follow instructions. I never got lost! Project turned out beautifully. Thanks."

And finally, on Sunday, Rachel Greig made everyone want to layer layer layer with her mixed media cards:

Susan said, "Finally, the concept of 'Layering' was made so clear in your video, Rachel. Your visuals and your explanations were actually simplified and understandable. Thank you for the clarity of your lesson.  The interview was also well done and meaningful. Between you and Julie I gathered real insight to both of you as artists/makers."

If you'd like to watch the interview she's talking about, I've posted it below:

If you're not already a part of The Artful Holiday class, I hope you'll join us.  You have lifetime access to class, so sign up and review the lessons at any time that works for you!!

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