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The Artful Holiday Class: Week Three

The Artful Holiday class has just wrapped up week three of fantastic art projects, art techniques, and art ideas for you!  On Monday, I demonstrated how pochoir printing works:

Julie said, "Cool project! Thanks for showing the many different suggestions for framing and backgrounds."

On Tuesday, Tori Weyers demonstrated how she takes ordinary sticks she finds in a park near her home and elevates them to art.  

Stephanie said, "Thank you for the great class! I love sticks and have fabric wrapped them, but have never painted them… yet!!!"

On Wednesday I, once again, shared TWO mash-up projects!

Every Wednesday, I take elements, techniques, and ideas from the projects that have been previously shared and show you how I'm mashing them up to make something new.  Yes, this class is packed with step-by-step projects.  But it's also about helping you to understand how to pick and choose the techniques and ideas that work for you to make something new and exciting.

For my first mash-up project, I shared how to turn seashells and rocks into a fabulous beachcomber's candle:

Sharyn said, "This looks like a lot of fun. I like the results very much. And, as usual, the instructions were clear and easy."

And for my second mash-up project, I shared how to weave two images together (and create a decorated frame for your woven art):

Laura said, "LOVE these mash-up! They feel like we’re having an arty playdate together, trying things and sharing our … ok your … responses. I’m off to buy some crackle medium!! Thanks!!"

On Thursday, Froyle Davies shared how simple it is to create an no-sew travel journal while on vacation:

deLancey said, "What a terrific idea for making a journal of a vacation (or anything, really). I love your exuberance, Froyle, as well as your innovative ideas & sensational, distinctive laugh. I’m currently housebound, so scouted through mountains of junk mail for printed brochures to use to create my own journal."

On Friday, I shared how to make this cool paper lamp:

Fun fact: This is day 19 and project 21, but it's actually the first video I recorded for the class.  In some ways, it's the project that kicked off the whole idea for the class!

Robin says, "Lovely piece. I can really see this as a holiday gift! So look forward to trying this one!"

On Saturday, Robyn Wells showed how she makes these super cute artful mailers (and provided the printable template for you to download and use):

Photo Jun 14  7 46 35 PM
Margaret said, "Hi Robyn – I LOVED your class, and have already made 3 mailers. I have a problem, though, with the template. It is a light grey and very hard to see when printed (at least on my printer). Is there any way another can be sent? I realize that might not be possible, but thought I’d ask."

And you know what?  Robyn made it and sent it to me and I already put the new template with a darker line in the classroom!  Yay!

JoAnn shared her version of this project in the Balzer Designs Students Facebook Group:

On Sunday, Susana McDonnell shared an excellent tutorial on printing a background as well as carving AND registering a sentiment stamp.

Image from iOS (12)
Laura said, "Fabulous and comprehensive tutorial, thanks!"

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Artful Holiday class is packed with content.  I probably should have made it a year-long class with a lesson released every week.  But, you know, I also believe that more is more!  Plus, you get lifetime access to all the content, so you can take your time if you want to and wander through the lessons when you have a moment.  Or you can binge it and make allllll the things right now!  

Thanks for stopping by!