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The Artful Holiday Class: Week Two

The Artful Holiday class is going strong with lots of fabulous projects, techniques, and ideas for you!  On Monday, I shared how to print and construct this paper vase:

Kim said, "Such an adorable project, at first I didn’t think I’d love it….BUT I DO!!!! The cork one was quite stunning!"

On Tuesday, Sarah Matthews shared how to make your own stamp, print your custom patterned paper, and then turn it into this fabulous ornament:

Artful Holiday - Turkish Map Fold Ornaments 3
Vicki said, "I loved this class and made one with 3/4 in squares! Addicted ❤️"

On Wednesday, I shared TWO mash-up projects.

Every Wednesday, I take elements, techniques, and ideas from the projects that have been previously shared and show you how I'm mashing them up to make something new.  Yes, this class is packed with step-by-step projects.  But it's also about helping you to understand how to pick and choose the techniques and ideas that work for you to make something new and exciting.

For my first mash-up project, I took the Mixed Media Collage Calendars from Barb Smucker, Hand Made Cards from Rachel Greig, and the Solstice Doorknob Hanger from Deborah Boschert and mushed them up to make these "Permanent Place Cards":

Sharyn said, "I’ve never felt very good about my collage, but now watching you do it several times, I’m feeling more confident. Thanks for your clear instructions. Love the finished product!"

Then I took ideas and elements from Sarah Matthews' ornaments as well as the Paper Vase Host Gift and Batch Printed Nature Cards that I shared and made this super cool explosion card:

Explosion Card-low
Laura said, "Wonderful card!! Love the offset!! Thank you sooooo much!!! (see what I did there?)"

On Thursday, May Flaum showed how she creates a layered collage using UV Resin in order to create a stunning pendant.

deLancey said, "yay, May! what a fascinating project. I wasn’t even aware of such a thing as uv resin. I just love your pendant; it’s so versatile and easy to adapt in a multitude of directions. I’m wondering what adding this to a regular collage would like like — amazing, I think."

On Friday, DeeDee Catron demonstrated how to make this fabulous wall hanging for Astronomy Day:

DeeDee Catron - Astronomy Day Mobile 1 square
JoAnn said, "Fun class – I was mesmerized watching you apply the Kroma Crackle – and when you added the Quin Nickel Azo Gold – wow!! Can see all kinds of possibilities making wall hangings or decorations for handmade book covers and mixed media art. Thank you!"

On Saturday, I finally shared the tutorial you've been asking for: paper weaving.

Janet said, "Wow Julie! You are such an amazing artist, instructor, person ♥️ Love these!...Thank you for putting together this wonderful collection of artists and projects. I’m loving it!"

On Sunday, Ken Oliver showed how easy foiling is when he made these shiny cards:

Robin said, "This is a gorgeous card. Thanks for the great tutorial! I am loving everyday of this month long adventure!!!!"

You guys, there is sooooo much content in The Artful Holiday class.  I probably should have made it a year-long class with a lesson released every week.  But, you know, I also believe that more is more!  Plus, you get lifetime access to all the content, so you can take your time if you want to and wander through the lessons when you have a moment.  Or you can binge it and make allllll the things right now!  

Thanks for stopping by!