The Artful Holiday Class: Week Four
Around Here: August 2022

Your Creativity Coach: How to Get the Most Out of an Art Class

I put together a video that I thought you might enjoy. I'm going to share the strategies I use as a student in order to get the most out of an art class -- whether it's online or in-person. Whether it's live or pre-recorded. Whether it's one session or many.

This video is part of my "Your Creativity Coach" series.  If you're interested in group coaching with me, join my Super Learner Group.

The main takeaways from the video are:

  • There are three stages of taking an art class: prep, the in-class experience, and follow-up.
  • Most people skip the first and the last stages.
  • In the prep stage, be thoughtful about the supplies you select, set goals, and do a warm-up.
  • During class engage with the material, ask questions, and take notes.
  • After class, be sure to follow-up within 24-hours in order to retain the maximum amount of information.

Did I miss anything?  Let me know!