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In a little less than a week, #PrintInktober will begin and I hope that you will join me, once again, for the annual printmaking adventure I started 5 years ago, in 2018, based on the popular #Inktober drawing challenge. This daily challenge is FREE and open to everyone anywhere in the world. Here are the basics: Create and post one print each day in October. Use the hashtag #printinktober when you post. Any stamp/block can be used – foam, silicone, rubber, hand carved, lino, whatever you want! Any ink can be used – screenprinting ink, marker ink, stamping ink, printing... Read more →

Yesterday was Book Club! We discussed Lynn Whipple's book, Expressive Flower Painting. You can watch the replay below: For the paint along portion of the video I used Golden Fluid Acrylics. And here are some of the pieces I made inspired by the techniques and ideas in the book: The next Book Club is on October 13 at 12:15pm EST. We will be discussing Creative Stamping with Mixed Media Techniques by Sherrill Kahn. Click this link to set a reminder for yourself. Book Club is free and open to all whether or not you've read the book. Visit the Book... Read more →

In the video below, I'm working on two ideas at the same time in my studio notebook, aka my sketchbook. My studio notebook is a place for me to visually think aloud. For this particular exercise, I decided to create the same image using two different methods. On the left side I painted and on the right side, I used painted paper collage. My whole goal for this experiment/exploration was to figure out which methodology I preferred -- both in terms of enjoying the process and appreciating the result. There are a lot of things that I might go back... Read more →

Do you know the difference between "abstract" and "non-objective" artwork? I didn't know there was a difference until I watched this video: So, looking at my own work, this is a small sampling of abstract work I've created: And these are a few examples of non-objective work I've made: I find this to be a fascinating bifurcation. I see that I do tend towards abstract, though I have made more non-objective work in recent years. How about you? Are you a realistic, abstract, or non-objective artist? Thanks for stopping by! Read more →