Print Inktober 2022: Days 1-9
Book Club: Creative Stamping with Mixed Media Techniques

3 Stamp Related Video Tutorials & a Book Club Reminder

In honor of #PrintInktober and all things stamp related, I thought I'd share 3 videos from the archives that focus on stamps.

First up is a video all about how to create watercolor prints with a foam stamp:

Next up, a stamp carving video!  This one shows how I turn my "garbage" rubber into magical little blocks:

And finally, a tutorial on simple stamped and masked Valentine's Day Cards (the sound quality is not great on this one):

Before I go, a quick reminder that Book Club is tomorrow!  We will be discussing Creative Stamping with Mixed Media Techniques by Sherrill Kahn and there will be a work-along portion of Book Club!

Book Club is free and open to all whether you've read the book or not. You can view the Book Club archives HERE.

The first half of Book Club will be a discussion of the book and the various techniques in the book. The second half of Book Club will be instructional. To participate, you will need:

Thanks for stopping by!