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Around Here: October 2022

October 2022 Member Livestream Recap

Yesterday's Member Livestream was another great hour of art instruction, information, and play.  Among the topics we covered were...

Whether "not thinking" while creating was a good idea.  I talked members through the creation of this journal spread as I explained my stance on the matter:

We also discussed sealing collage artwork.  I demonstrated how I seal my work using this small work-on-paper as an example:

We covered the pros and cons of the Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens.

Anything you write with them, "erases" either using the attached erasing tip or with the addition of heat, and reappears when placed in your freezer overnight.

I answered some questions about the chine-collé process, including demonstrating how it works and sharing whether or not I think you need a press, like the one I have.

Finally, I covered how I like to store my paper stash and my general philosophy for art supply storage.

Paperstorage copy
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