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Chine-Collé Live was Super Fun!

On Friday night, I taught my "Chine-Collé Live" class on Zoom and it was super fun!  I started with the basics of printing with block printing ink.

And then I moved on to the basics of the chine-collé process.

We discussed collaging during the process vs. collaging first.  And I demonstrated how to do both.

Then I moved through demonstrations of different methodologies for cutting the collage paper.

Then it was time to get fancier with the levels of layering.

We discussed the importance of backgrounds and I demonstrated four different ideas.

Finally, I shared how to do chine-collé with multiple blocks to create a single print.

All in all, it was a wonderful class packed with information about the chine-collé process.  Yay!  I asked students if they wanted to share anything they made in class and deLancey emailed me this picture of a card she made for her brother:

What a wonderful gift to receive!

I hope you'll give chine-collé a try.  There are so many possibilities for really dressing up your prints and making them feel even more special!

Finally, I've had a few inquiries about buying the replay of the class.  And the answer is, yes you can!  You can grab it HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!