Around Here: November 2022
#CarveDecember 2022 Starts Tomorrow!!!

Monthly Member Highlights - Looking Back at November and Forward to December

Tomorrow night I will host the November Member Livestream where members can ask questions ahead of time (whether or not they can't attend the livestream) as well as during the event.  We all meet on Zoom and discuss making art, selling art, organizing art, art tools, art many things!  (The replay is always in the classroom for anyone who misses it.)  And since we are just wrapping up November and about to enter December, I thought I'd share all of the fun member goodies with you from both November and December!

November's Real Time Video is this giant doodle in my art journal.

You can watch the fast forward version below:

December's Real Time Video will be a look at how I batch make a collection of hand painted greeting cards, like these:

You can watch for the fast forward version on my YouTube channel later in December.

This is the November Maker Member SVG cut file:

And here it is in use:

And this is the upcoming December Maker Member SVG cut file:

And here it is in use:

I mixed the two stencils together in my art journal:

The November Maker Member Creativity Prompt is about how to do Faux Batik:

The December Maker Member Creativity Prompt is about creating Transparent Collage Paper:

The November Maker Member Printable is this beautiful (if I do say so myself) chine-collé face:

The December Maker Member Printable will be this hand printed image:

Other membership notes:

  • Group Coaching for Super Learner Members will be on Monday, December 12 at 7:30pm EST.
  • November's Personal Vlog covers a week of life around here -- from cooking to manicures to walks with the little guy.
  • November's Studio Vlog is an update on my plant and vessel project.  It's turning very abstract at the moment!
  • There are 3 monthly membership levels. Cancel anytime.
  • When you become a member, you get immediate access to all previous content.
  • As you can see, membership is packed with artful fun!

I hope to see you at the next Member Livestream!