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November 2022 posts

I made a really cute (and useful) travel earring book. The cover is made from fabric I printed during #PrintInktober 2019 with a hand carved stamp. Here are some pictures of the inside: You can fit A LOT of earrings in this thing! Watch the video for a quick flip through: I think these will make great holiday gifts for the ladies in my life who looove earrings. And, of course, now that I've made one and figured out all of the issues, the next one is sure to be even better! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

Today is Election Day in the USA. Like so many other people, today's election has been weighing heavily on my mind. I always like to work through stress with art. I find it meditative and relaxing. Over the weekend, I made two chine-collé prints with a block I carved a few years ago. I originally thought that there wasn't enough open space for chine-collé, but I was very wrong. I love how both the prints turned out. Finally, I saw this online and it really resonated with me: source I want to live in a world where LGBTQ children and... Read more →

I limped into October feeling creatively drained. #PrintInktober and my self-imposed chine-collé challenge have reinvigorated by creativity. Yay! Before I share this final round of prints, a quick reminder about what #PrintInktober is — It's the annual printmaking adventure I started in 2018. The challenge is open to everyone. Here are the basics: Create and post one print each day in October. Use the hashtag #printinktober when you post. Any stamp/block can be used – foam, silicone, rubber, hand carved, lino, whatever you want! Any ink can be used – screenprinting ink, marker ink, stamping ink, printing ink, etc. You... Read more →