Batch Painting Greeting Cards
#CarveDecember 2022: Days 23-26

#CarveDecember 2022: Days 19-22

I love all the creativity that #CarveDecember seems to bring out in people.  I always like to share the different takes on the same prompt.  It's amazing how people's brains work! Here is a curated look at what I carved, along with a few personal favorites from other talented artists.  (If you think you're not a prompt person, my Carve December Workbook class will change your mind forever.)

DAY 19: grunge

 DAY 20: bubble

DAY 21: texture

DAY 22: big


Remember: It's never too late to jump in and join the #CarveDecember fun.  There's still more than a week to play along.  If you carve just one stamp this month = hooray!!

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