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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

If you're hoping to gift yourself some art supplies this month (or leave a hint for someone else), here are a 15 of my most-used art supplies:


This is a dry adhesive that is ideal for anything with cut-outs or holes because the adhesive only sticks where there is paper, as you can see in this project:

So you can easily take a die cut or stencil and quickly apply adhesive to just it.  No mess and very little fuss.  I use it all the time.

Scor-Tape Sheets

This is an adhesive sheet that is super strong.  It's perfect for making scrap cards, like this...

...because you can so easily lay down a sheet of edge-to-edge adhesive.

Listo Grease Pencils

I loooooove my grease pencils and use them all the time.  They are fairly indestructible and write on everything. They have a wonderful bold line and the folks at Listo made them even better by putting them in a refillable plastic casing.  I use one almost every single day!

Cup Holder

Yes, this is an art supply.  Vital to my art studio experience.  I do not spill my drink on my work.  I do not put my brush in my coffee.  I have one on every table in my studio.


It is the best tool for long gelatin printing sessions. 

It really saves my hands when I'm doing a lot printing.  I use it to smooth the paper over the gelatin plate and (a) my hands stay clean and (b) the palms of my hands don't get sore or paper cut.  Yay!

ScanNCut DX

Yes, I am a paid ScanNCut Ambassador.  But, also yes, I really do use my machine several times every single week.  I use it for papercrafting, sewing projects, and for making tools like stencils, screens, and foam stamps like these:

Sakura Pigma Micron 12

This is my current pen OBSESSION.  It's everything that I love about Pigma Microns: reliable dark black pigment ink that is waterproof and doesn't bleed -- PLUS, it's such a big fat tip!  It's almost like a marker.  It's my new go-to pen.  Can't think of a single equivalent.

Golden OPEN Acrylic Paint

This is *the* paint for gelatin printing with lots of time.  Having lots of time allows you work slowly, but it also allows for some really cool overprinting and transferring, as in these pieces:

Golden Fluid Acrylics

So pigmented. So delicious.  You need so little to make a big impact.  These paints are a mixed media must IMHO.  I keep mine in a rolling cart with all of my most used supplies.

Grey Palette Paper

White is not neutral. To better see your paint colors and for more accurate paint mixing, grey palette paper is the way to go!

Blick Opaque White Matte Acrylic Paint

I buy a dozen bottles at a time so that I never run out.  Very opaque.  Very matte.  Great consistency and mixes well.

Reverse Grip Tweezers


Reverse grip tweezers are just what they sound like -- instead of squeezing them to close the tweezer tips, you squeeze them to open the tips. I use them for placing and removing small pieces of paper all the time, like when creating this chine-collé print:

Black Archival Ink Pad

This is like owning a little black dress.  I own 3 Jet Black Archival Ink Pads from Ranger -- one for my main desk, one for the desk where I do Zooms, and one for my travel bag.  It's the only ink pad that I like to use on top of dried acrylic paint. 

It's permanent and waterproof and you can keep re-inking the pad for years and years and years.

Catalyst Brushes

Beat them up.  Leave them in water for months.  Use them and abuse them, they keep their shape and don't lose bristles.  If you're hard on your brushes, these guys will be your new favorites.  There's a wide range of sizes and shapes and you can choose from short and long handles.

Arkon Phone Mount

This is the tool I use for all of my overhead video and photography.  It definitely gets used every single day!

So, there you have it!  A quick run down of some of my must-have art supplies.  All of the links above are affiliate links, meaning I get a small percentage of any sales made after clicking through the link and it costs you nothing.  If you don't like any of these items, but you're going to buy something else from Amazon this season, you can help support me and my business by using THIS GENERAL LINK.  Again, it costs you absolutely nothing and it can literally be anything you usually buy -- dog food, batteries, etc.  Many thanks!

Happy gifting season!