#CarveDecember 2022: Days 27-31
Visiting the Grounds of The Getty

Carve December Work Book Flip Through

As promised, here is a flip through of my Carve December Work Book:

Some student feedback from class:

“The Workbook Class is one of the best classes I ever invested in….This class is a great too for helping you think things through. Watching Julie go through the process has helped me ask similar questions that I hadn’t thought of. It’s making the process so much easier than I thought it would. I can’t imagine going back to just making it up on the fly. I love thinking it through!” – Joanne

“One of the most valuable teaching moments you provide, Julie, is your attitude toward your artwork. Your matter-of-fact observations, acknowledgment of flaws/quirkiness/artist’s hand/challenges, and pro-art positive attitude are so refreshing.” – Rhonda

“Julie’s classes deliver so much more than I tend to expect, and Carve December Workbook is no exception. Before December, she gives great insights about how to get the most out of a class or challenge. During Carve December, she introduces us to a super fun and flexible way to stay organized during the month and capture thoughts and learning. Then, after Carve December is all over, and I’m expecting a simple wrap-up, she presents such amazing – challenging – useful – ideas about what to do next and how to take it so much further!!! I am going to use this approach for every future project, class and challenge I undertake – it’s genius!” – Karen

I hope to see you in class!  Thanks for stopping by!