A Quick Visit to the ICA - Goodbye to Yayoi Kusama's "Love is Calling"
Carve December Work Book Flip Through

#CarveDecember 2022: Days 27-31

It's always so difficult to say goodbye to #CarveDecember.  It is an adrenaline pumping creative marathon. As always, I am blown away by the amazing display of creativity and artistry.  It's amazing how people's brains work! Here is a curated look at what I carved, along with a few personal favorites from other talented artists. 

DAY 27: artificial

 DAY 28: light

 DAY 29: naive

DAY 30: messy

DAY 31: peaceful

What a wonderful way to crash into 2023.  So much creativity and artistry and growth.  Tomorrow I'll share a flip through of my Carve December Work Book and all the stamps I carved this December!

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