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Adventures in Arting Podcast: Episode 132 "Planning and Organizing"

Visiting the Grounds of The Getty

I've just come home from my first vacation in three years.  It was lovely to unplug and reset for a week, to get out of my house, and to see my brother and his family.  Here are the seven of us at The Getty in Los Angeles.

The Getty is FREE, but you do have to make a timed reservation. And you do have to pay for parking.  The grounds are extensive and include multiple water features, gardens, sculptures, and lots of outdoor dining spaces.  With two three-year-olds in our party, we spent almost no time looking at the art inside The Getty.  (I'll have to come back when my kid is a bit older or on a solo trip.)  Instead, we focused our time on enjoying the beautiful grounds.  Take a peek:

I have so much new botanical inspiration from all of these succulents and plants that we don't see here in the Northeast. I'm looking forward to exploring some new shapes and color palettes based on all the inspiration I gathered.

I have missed traveling.  Not the actual airplane and all that jazz, but I love being somewhere new.  I love experiencing new places and new foods and new plants and new people.  The world is such a wonderful place filled with exciting things to see.  We are still fairly COVID-cautious, so I suspect we won't be galavanting around the world any time soon.  But I'm very much looking forward to a time when we will.

As a side note, it was lovely to see my son experience lots of firsts on this trip.  His favorite part of The Getty adventure was definitely the tram ride to and from the museum.  His first tram.

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