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Around Here: February 2023

Hey friends!  Where did February go?  I know it's a short month, but I feel like it disappeared way too quickly!

Notable Family Event

We had a double playdate with two families from my son's preschool.  It was tons of fun and we learned how to make "smash cookies," which are such a brilliant idea!

In essentials, you make sugar cookie dough balls.  Then you give each child a container full of sprinkles. They put the dough ball into their container and mash it into the sprinkles until it's covered.  Then you put the balls onto parchment paper and "smash" them with the bottom of a glass. The kids loooooved it and my three-year-old still talks about his "smash cookies!"

As a side note, it was four kids and six adults and we still felt like the kids ran us ragged!  I don't know how the preschool teachers do it?

Notable Personal Event

My best friend, Jenn, moved to Italy in the middle of this month.  Yay for her, sad for me.  But before she left, she treated me to a fancy tea at the Boston Public Library.

I will miss having her nearby, but I will enjoy visiting her in Italy!

Notable Work Related Event

The better part of this month has been dedicated to writing, researching, and compiling a 46-page workbook for students coming to Color Camp -- my first in-person class of 2023.

I'm currently ordering last minute art supplies and menu planning to create meals that will make everyone feel welcome and pampered.  If you're on the fence about coming, grab a cheap plane ticket to Boston and join us!  All art supplies are included as well as breakfast and lunch for all three days!  So all you need to do is pack your bag and show up for three days of fun and learning.

A Recommendation

Stencil plastic came up in last night's Member Livestream and my favorite is the Grafix Food-Safe Plastic

It cuts easily and even really thin bridges don't rip!  I give it two thumbs up.

On a non-art-related note, I started reading the Worthingtons Series from romance writer Ella Quinn and I've once again maxed out my e-book allowance from the public library.  Good thing March is just around the corner.....

So, that's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you're a Monthly Member, both the January personal and studio vlogs are up in the classroom.

Thanks for stopping by! 


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