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The 100 Day Project 2023

The 100 Day Project kicks off on Wednesday (February 22).  It's a world-wide online challenge.  You choose one thing to do for 100 days -- 100 days of sit-ups, 100 days of cooking, 100 days of art -- whatever you want.

I have done several 100 Day Projects -- some successes and some failures.

Personally, I think the point of a 100 Day Project is to challenge yourself to get better at something. 

In 2017, I definitely got better at making quick realistic faces.  Check out where I started and where I ended up:

In 2018, I discovered that tweeting art content every single day for 100 days made no difference in how many people followed me, interacted with me, or visited my links.  So, even to this day, I don't really tweet.

My 2020 gelatin printing project directly led to my popular online course, "A Year of Gelatin Printing." 

I poured everything I learned during those 100 days into that class. 

And my 2021 botanical project pushed me fully towards non-representational work. I had been flirting with abstract art for years, but those 100 days shoved me right over the edge.

I'm looking forward to 100 Days of Art Parts and seeing how I grow!

Here are 10 fun 100 day projects to try, if you're undecided:

100 Days of Color Mixing

100 Days of Collage

100 Days of Faces

100 Days of Stamp Carving

100 Days of Sewing

100 Days of Monoprints

100 Days of Birds

100 Days of Stencils

100 Days of Self Care

100 Days of Pottery

If you want some advice on choosing a topic and getting the project done, you can check out this post from 2021 and this podcast from later in the same year.

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