Studio Visit #4: Stencil Fail (and Resurrection)
Studio Visit #5: Gel Medium Transfer Skin

Around Here: April 2023

Hooray for April!  What a month it has been. 

Notable Family Event

This month we celebrated Easter with one of my son's best friends from preschool. The other family lives just a few blocks away and Steve and I really like both the parents, so it's a perfect friendship situation all around.  Yay! 

On a side note, between the four adults we were raised Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Catholic.  That's quite an Easter crew.

Notable Personal Event

I helped my Mother clean out her basement.

At first it seemed difficult to get rid of all the memories left in her basement, but as we started to go through things, it got easier and easier and we both felt so much lighter afterwards!

Notable Work Related Event

In April, I sold 42 items from my online shop!  Definitely my best month ever. Hooray!

I am always so grateful when people are willing to hang my artwork in their home.  Thank you!!


A Recommendation

I am currently loving using rice paper on the gelatin plate and then as collage fodder.

It has many of the great qualities of deli paper without the waxy finish.  I don't think I'll ever stop using deli paper, but I have re-ordered rice paper twice now....!


So, that's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you're a Monthly Member, both the April personal and studio vlogs are up in the classroom.

Thanks for stopping by! 


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