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Hooray for April! What a month it has been. Notable Family Event This month we celebrated Easter with one of my son's best friends from preschool. The other family lives just a few blocks away and Steve and I really like both the parents, so it's a perfect friendship situation all around. Yay! On a side note, between the four adults we were raised Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Catholic. That's quite an Easter crew. Notable Personal Event I helped my Mother clean out her basement. At first it seemed difficult to get rid of all the memories left in her... Read more →

I made a stencil. It didn't work. And so I fixed it! So much of success in art is perseverance, I think. I hope this video will motivate you to keep pushing through, even when you don't like the results. It’s a reminder that failure isn't the end, but just a step on the way to success. And here's a peek at some gorgeous prints using my fabulous new stencil and mask: I'm thinking that I might cut out some smaller versions of this design to use as well. Lots of possibilities! PS: As I mentioned in the video, Maker... Read more →

You know what they say: Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life! Quite often people sign up for coaching with me because they want to transition into becoming a working artist. I then have to break the bad news to them: being a working artist turns out to be a lot less about making art and a lot more about running a business. So the thing you need to love is business and branding and marketing. Otherwise, it will definitely feel like work. Let's oversimplify the situation and break it down into a set... Read more →

The Artist's Way journey continues! Here are the replays of weeks 6 and 7 for you to watch. Week 6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance and Week 7: Recovering a Sense of Connection: As you know, I wasn't a big fan of this book in the beginning. I'm mellowing a bit as I get further into the journey. I'm less hostile and more open. I feel less like I need to take every word in the book to heart and more like I can pick and choose what works for me. As a recovering "good girl perfectionist," it's always difficult... Read more →

I looooove watercolor and I use it all the time. That said, I am not a watercolorist. I think of myself as a watercolor enthusiast. I like to use watercolor in some conventional... ...but mostly unconventional ways, like these watercolor gelatin prints: Watercolor is a wonderful medium for adding texture and color to a project. Watercolor paints allow you to achieve a range of colors, from intense hues to delicate tints, and the colors remain transparent when dry, allowing for beautiful layered effects. Check out this watercolor glazing: I especially love watercolor on book pages because of the transparency: Many... Read more →

Check out this video for an exclusive studio visit as I chat through my collage process. I love to combine colorful little bits of paper to create stunning face collages. Here's the face I made in the video: Are you ready to learn how to make your own stunning face collage? Visit this link to take my Collage Face class and start making your own amazing pieces! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

100 Days of Art Parts: Days 12-20

I'll admit it: I haven't quite been keeping up with the 100 Day Project. I just wrapped up day 22 and most of the world is on day 47 or 48. As I always tell my students, it's not a competition. You're not competing with anyone, you're simply trying to get what you need out of the project. When I started this project, I was hoping that it would mean I would spend a little bit of time each day focused on making work just for me -- meaning: not for a class or a deadline or a client. But,... Read more →

Are you curious about what goes on in my studio? In the video, I'm working on a monotype collage. See the techniques I use, the decisions I make, and the thought process that goes into creating layered artwork. Would you like to watch the full, real-time version of this creative process? Super Learner Members get unlimited access to all of my real-time videos. Sign up now and discover the best tips, tricks and techniques to become a better artist. And now here's a closer look at this monotype collage: It's part of a series of pieces I've been doing that... Read more →

I was watching a video from artist Joy Ting Charde and in it I saw... ...a LEGO Paintbrush holder/rest. I was immediately charmed and had to make my own. I stick my brush in my mouth a lot. My mouth is my third hand when I'm working and have nowhere to put a painty brush for a moment while I use my hands. This is a far superior idea. And so easy! the most difficult part was digging through our massive collection of miscellaneous LEGOs! In the end, I made four different paintbrush holders: I'm going to road test the... Read more →

The Artist's Way journey continues! The community that has gathered around this journey has been my favorite part. So many thoughtful people. I love it! Here are the replays of weeks 4 and 5 for you to watch. Week 4: Recovering a Sense of Integrity and Week 5: Recovering a Sense of Possibility: Here are links to the little bit of stationery porn I shared in the video: Transparent Sticky Notes: Cornell Notebook: Personally, I feel like I'm starting to find my way with this book. It's still not a great fit, but I do feel very hopeful... Read more →