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Cute Wall Decal for My Son's Studio Nook

Around Here: May 2023

May has been a notable month.  Let's talk about it:

Notable Family Event

We took, not one, but TWO family road trips this month.  I'd love to share all 12,000 photos with you, but instead I'll share this sweet snap of me and my three-year-old at his first bar mitzvah:  

Due to COVID, this little guy has barely been anywhere.  We are finally taking him out in the world and I love it! He's super social and loves to dance all night!  Who knew?!

Notable Personal Event

I attended my twenty-fifth college reunion.

I was feeling nervous about the whole thing, but it was a lovely weekend and I was reminded that I love my life and who I am. Sometimes I feel like a failure because I'm not a supermodel tech billionaire genius multi-linguist concert pianist who cures cancer.  Running into old friends, talking about my life, dancing with my two boys -- the reunion definitely reminded me to count my blessings, trite as that sounds.

Notable Work Related Event

The format for the Collage Faces class was a bit of an experiment. I'm mixing live (but it's recorded) zoom sessions with an online message board/gallery, and I've left lots of time between the three classes for people to work.

After one session, I'm really excited about how the format is working.  Class was great and the message board has been busy.  I've been able to post extra content there and this feels like a way of taking advantage of being online instead of trying to ape an in-person class experience.  I'm waiting to see how it goes with classes 2 and 3, but I suspect I'll be offering a lot of classes in this format.

A Recommendation

For many years I've been using Moo to print all of my business cards and postcards and stickers for my business.  This photo is of my first batch of cards in 2010:

The cool thing that Moo does is allow you to print 25 different designs on the fronts of your cards.  Here are my 2015 business cards:

And here are some of the cards and stickers and postcards I use now:

The quality is really great and I always love the products when they come.  They're thick, the colors are bright -- I've been a customer for more than a decade for a reason.

If you use this referral link, you'll get 25% off your first order from Moo. 

So, that's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you're a Monthly Member, both the May personal vlog is up in the classroom and the May studio vlog will be up later today.

Thanks for stopping by! 


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