Around Here: May 2023
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Cute Wall Decal for My Son's Studio Nook

There's an awkward space between the stairs and the wall in my art studio.  After some thought, I decided to turn it into a cozy little nook for my son.  I've filled the space with pillows and hanging baskets with toys, books, snacks, and more.  It's a place that he can call his own when he comes up to the attic. IMHO, decorating a special kid-dedicated space is about nurturing -- providing him with a sense of ownership, independence, and confidence.  He knows that Mommy has rules about her space and art supplies, but this is a little nook where he can do what he wants.  And he does! ;)

At the moment, he's obsessed with gardening and growing flowers.  So to make the space a little bit extra magical, I designed a four-color flowering branch in Illustrator, cut it out of adhesive-backed craft vinyl, and applied it to the wall.

I love how it turned out!  I can imagine "wallpapering" a room in a similar fashion.  And the best part is that my three-year-old loooooved it and immediately said: "You gave me a tree!"

The nice thing about the craft vinyl is that I can just scrape it off the wall when his tastes (inevitably) change.  And, of course, you could stencil the wall for a similar result.  You'd simply have to paint over the stenciling when it was time for a change-up, rather than scrape it off.  In addition, stenciling is generally a more budget-friendly option compared to using adhesive-backed vinyl. Stencils are reusable, making them a cost-effective choice for a repeating pattern.  However, since I was only doing the one design, I decided that vinyl would be the easiest choice.  Especially since I didn't particularly want to kneel in that nook for a long time in order to do the stenciling!  One of the main advantages of adhesive-backed vinyl is its ease of application. 

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