Craftermath Podcast: Season 2 Episode 2
Studio Visit #12: Paying Attention to the Details

Studio Visit #11: Art Parts Embellishments for Mixed Media Collage

As you know, I love Art Parts.  They make the process of mixed media collage faster, more enjoyable, and easier.

Imagine cooking a gourmet meal with all your ingredients prepped and ready to go. That's exactly what Art Parts is for my artwork. I like to have my backgrounds already painted, my embellishments done, and my collage papers ready to use. It's like having my own personal sous chef in the kitchen, cutting up all the ingredients for me.

In this video I show you how I use Art Parts in my creative process.

Three takeaways for you:

  • Incorporate Art Parts: Enhance your creative process by implementing Art Parts. Prepare your backgrounds in advance, make embellishments, and have a collection of collage papers ready to use. By having these elements prepared, you'll be able to streamline your workflow and create finished art more efficiently.
  • Repurpose Your Scraps: Instead of discarding or neglecting leftover scraps, utilize them creatively. Stitch or glue them together to form mini embellishments that can be saved for future use. Embrace the potential of these small remnants, turning them into valuable resources for your artwork.
  • Embrace Creative Auditions: When working with Art Parts or any pre-made elements, don't hesitate to audition different combinations and experiment with various compositions. Lay out your pre-made embellishments and collage papers alongside your artwork-in-progress. Explore different placements, color combinations, and arrangements to find the perfect fit. Embrace the process of creatively auditioning elements and allow yourself to be open to unexpected and exciting artistic possibilities.
  • Stay Organized for Efficiency: Maximize your productivity by organizing your materials. Create a well-structured paper stash that includes both collage papers and pre-made embellishments. This way, you can easily find what you need when inspiration strikes. By staying organized, you'll be able to experiment with different combinations, audition elements effectively, and transform your artwork swiftly.

If you're intrigued by Art Parts and want to learn more, I invite you to check out my class dedicated to this technique.  Thanks for joining me in the studio, and I hope you enjoyed exploring the world of Art Parts with me!