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Studio Visit #17: Improvisation in Art is Intentional

Around Here: July 2023

July has been hot. But you know that already.  It's so hot.  But also so wet.  A dynamic combination, especially with a little boy who fears no weather and only wants to be outside all day every day.  Good times. 😂

Notable Family Event

We went to Santa's Village in New Hampshire.  In the rain.

You can see much of our visit in this month's Member Vlog, as well as our visit to nearby Storyland.

Notable Personal Event

I have started going for a quick walk by myself at lunch time every day and I love it.  I come home full of inspiration and ideas every single day.  Despite the hot and rainy weather, it has really buoyed my mood!  You can watch this short video I put together of photos from my walks:

Notable Work Related Event

I finished the art journaling class that I started working on in February!  Yay!

Class will open for registration tomorrow! Double yay!

Online classes take a spectacularly long time to put together and so I'm always very proud when I manage to plan, record, edit, write, upload, photograph -- and do all the other things to get a class on its feet.  I hope you'll love this one. 

A Recommendation

I'm in a smoothie phase.  I make myself a breakfast smoothie almost every day and it's such a cold and lovely treat.  My recommendation is my blender.  I've had lots of blenders and my biggest complaints are (1) blenders with rubber rings, (2) blenders that leak, and (3) blenders that are hard to clean.  This one has none of those problems.

It comes with the option to make a single cup smoothie (love) and they even give you the lid for the smoothie cup (love love).  If you don't have a blender you love, I highly recommend this one.  I use it (and wash it) almost every day. 

So, that's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you're a Monthly Member, both the July personal vlog and studio vlogs are up in the classroom.

Thanks for stopping by! 


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